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Introducing—a project planner to help you stay on top of multiple novels!

What started as an idea to help New York Times and USA Today bestselling author C.J. Ellisson organize her writing tasks, has turned into a product launch intended to help all writers.

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Product is Made in the USA

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Project Planner Description:

The Plot Your Work Writer's Project Planner was designed to organize your existing processes. It was never meant to be a new "system" you must adapt to use, but as a tool to work with how you already create. Whether you're a plotter or a pantser, there are some tasks that never change, such as editing, revising, ordering a cover, formatting, or creating a marketing plan.

No matter how you go about the process of
writing a book, consistency and accountability on a week-to-week basis will help you produce more books.

Product Features:

  • 35mm sturdy plastic cover in Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, or Black.
  • Duo-coil black wire binding
  • Three-hole, Circa/ARC punched, and non-punched versions available
  • 32lb paper
  • Undated & Dated editions
  • Tabbed dividers
  • Made in the USA

Product Contents (Please see product pages for additional details):

~ Yearly Overview 

~ Three to Five Yearly Project Plans
  • a WiP meter
  • Sample tasks
  • Dot-grid pages
  • Lined pages

~ Four Quarterly Planning Sections
, each one includes:
  • (1) Three-Month Planning page
  • (3) Monthly Prioritizing pages
  • (3) Social Media planning pages
  • (3) Month in Review tracking areas
  • (15) Weekly Action Plan pages


Prices range between $10 (for Traveler's Notebook inserts)-$59(for full-sized planners).

Why Try Our Product?

We can't promise if you use this planner that all of your books will miraculously complete themselves on time and buckets of money will pour into your bank account from the awesome stories you create. But, aren't you tired of buying notebooks and planners that don't fit your specialized needs as an author? Or scheduling an entire year of writing in your planner, only to get derailed by life and spiral into a depression when you feel like you screwed up again?

Okay, maybe that last part is just us, but that's why we made a customized writer's project planner—one that could accommodate, and be flexible, in organizing several projects at once.

Unlike regular planners with barely enough room to write everything in
one twelve-month span of time, ours has room for up to five projects to be mapped out, each in their own yearly spread. If you're stuck on a chapter or scene in your current WiP, you can switch to another project and know exactly what needs to be completed, and when. No more unplanned sick days or family emergencies ruining your best laid plans—and your latest favorite planner—now you can adjust on the fly without losing sight of the big picture.

Go ahead! Take the plunge and try it. Embrace your need to map out the bigger picture to handle the smaller details more efficiently. You Can Do This.

Refund Policy: You may return your unused planner within thirty days of receipt, for a full refund.
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