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Stocking Stuffers

The music from one of Rafe’s favorite Christmas movies plays in the background, while I heft my bulging stocking off its hook on the mantle.

“Whoa, what did you pack in here?”

My husband’s solid arms wrap around me from behind, pulling me to his warm chest. “I thought I’d do a theme stocking this year.”

“Hmmm....” Without further ado, I reach in pull out the top item. It takes a moment for the gift to register and then I burst out laughing, “Lube? You bought
me lube?”

“Not like you need it or anything,” he replies a bit sheepishly, “but this one sounds fun. Read it.”

The package states it’s a warming gel and quite tasty. Yeah, sure. These things always taste awful.

“As long as I’m not the one expected to enjoy it...” my voice trails off as Rafe’s hands slip up to cup my breasts through my red chenille sweater. A moment later, cool air tickles my middle when he changes course and reaches underneath my top. A sharp tweak from his clever fingers causes my nipples to pebble inside my bra.

Warm moist kisses trail up to my ear. “Why don’t we move to the couch?” Rafe says.

I turn in his arms, tilting my lips up to meet his, relishing in the taste of hot chocolate laced with Bailey’s. My arms twine up around his neck as I press against his green cashmere turtleneck. A tilt of my head allows me to deepen our kiss and I playfully nip at his bottom lip. Warm hands snake down to cup my ass, pulling my hips up to feel Rafe’s growing erection.

I tug back a bit, with his lip still locked in my teeth. Letting go, I trace my wet tip along his pinched flesh, tickling the sensitive skin. A moan escapes my lover’s mouth right before he crushes me to his front and rasps his stubbly cheek along my jaw line.

The soft scrape heightens my awareness, triggering the remembrance of his face against my inner thighs. Wetness pools between my folds, urging me forward to squirm on the hard cock behind his fly. Warm pressure slides down between my jeans-covered ass cheeks to gently cup me while pressing me closer.

Teeth bite down hard on the tense muscles of my neck, drawing a tight guttural sound from me. The action brings out my baser vampire nature and a small orgasm ripples through my pussy.

His jaw unclamps and then moist sucking lips and a hot teasing tongue play on my new love-bruised skin. “Did you just come, baby?” Rafe whispers between kisses.

“A little one, but damn, it was a nice surprise.”

My lover’s thick-fingered hands fumble at the top of my jeans, springing the button on the third try. The fabric is roughly pushed down my hips, past my knees, and with little encouragement, I settle back on the sofa behind me.

Rafe searches the floor and produces the warming lube. I don’t recall dropping it, but I must have. Hooking my thumbs in my bunched up pants, I discard the last thing trapping my legs together.

“I’ll only use a little. See how you like it,” he says while twisting off the top.

In answer I spread my legs wide, opening myself to his view as well as his lotion-tipped forefinger. The hard little nubbin doesn’t get attention, but the skin to the right, left and top get a slick coating of the substance.

Rafe moves his piercing blue eyes from my aroused flesh to see me watching his every stroke. “I love playing with your pussy, baby.”

I respond with circling my hips, reminding his fingers I have other areas to explore. Warmth edges into the delicate flesh near my clit, causing a rush of wetness to pulse from my core.

Two firm digits poke a half-inch into my pussy, pulling the moisture out to slick my outer lips and drive me insane. “In... please, push them in...” My begging is rewarded with him plunging deeper into me.

He hooks his fingers to rub the nerve-filled cushion of flesh on my upper inner walls, circling and pressing on each pass in and out of my dripping channel. The mild heat on my aroused bud ratchets higher as Rafe flicks his thumb right and left over the tiny peak.

The steady pumping of his hand combines with the effects of the warming gel to send me edging toward another release. My hips rise and undulate off the couch in a blatant invitation for more loving.

“My little hell-cat. You squirm in your need.”

I reach out to grab him, to pull him close and hopefully tear his clothes off him. Rafe’s free hand brushes mine aside and he lowers his head to my quivering mound.

His wet, pointed tongue touches my clit with a delicate flick. Teasing me to even greater heights as I settle back and my eyes drift close. A broad flat of heat with little pressure laps at my aroused flesh, like a hungry man licking a plate clean.

A third finger is added to my depths and the stroking picks up speed. My fingers grasp Rafe’s head, seemingly of their own volition, and I guide his mouth to give me the pressure I need.

A rumble of sound bubbles up from my lover, sending vibrations through my sensitive flesh. His humming mirrors the music playing in the background and I drift in the intense pleasure of the attentions he’s doling out.

The rhythm continues for countless heartbeats—until the heat gathered in my middle seems about to burst. But as I near my next peak, his fingers pull out and the humming stops.

My eyes fly open, the question in them apparent if he’d meet my gaze. Instead, he presses my thighs further apart and poises his clever fingers back at my entrance. A soft breath cools my heated slit before arrowing in on my clit, teasing the engorged bit of skin.

The air stops when Rafe’s puckered lips latch on to my engorged flesh and start to suck.

“Oh God....”

My release seems almost upon me, just out of reach and I want to scream my frustration to the room. The desire to come overrides everything and I wiggle and buck to grind my mound for the pressure I crave.

Three slick fingers slam inside me as the sucking turns to flicks from the tip of his tongue. The new stimulation shatters my control and my release rushes me like a battering ram.

A scream rips from my lips as my lover changes his actions during my peak. His mouth locks onto me and he hums once more while still flicking his tongue.

The sensations overwhelm me, driving my orgasm higher and longer. Twitches and ripples wrack my frame causing my husband to clamp a hand on my hip to hold me in place.

Gradually, the passion recedes and my body becomes my own again.

“Wow,” I pant out. “What else did you pack in my stocking?”